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Multi Oral Immunotherapy Clinical Trials Across the Nation

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You may have heard about Dr. Nadeau’s reasearch and clinical trials at Stanford University. They are testing how the drug Xolair works to improve safety and efficacy of multi oral immunotherapy.  A 2013 New York Times article discusses the clinical trial and Dr. Kari Nadeau.  The next stage of the clinical trials is to be conducted around the country and possibly in Florida.

“Once completed, the published results from the Clinical 2 trials should increase the access of the therapies developed by Dr. Nadeau and her team, allowing individuals to potentially receive these treatments at their local allergists and help with insurance reimbursements. This is immensely important and will have a huge impact to bring this type of therapy to the world in a real-time, tangible way.”(As stated on Dr. Nadeau’s fundraising site.

If you are interested in possibly participating in stage 2 of the clinical trials if they were in Florida, please email food allergy mom Taryn Weinstock at with your child’s name, DOB, and a contact number.


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